Mackie Cargill, CLIC

Vice President of Carney-Cargill, Inc.

“We rely on The Merz Agency exclusively when our clients need life insurance coverage. They identify the carrier with the most competitive product based on the client’s unique financial situation and underwriting profile. They also provide the technical expertise that is required to integrate the insurance in complex business and estate plans.”

Gregory Parrott

CPA, ChFC, Financial Reserve, Inc.

“The Merz Agency and its excellent, dedicated staff is very prompt and competent responding to requests for assistance, input, or service. They have been extremely helpful in designing and delivering exactly what is needed for each unique client situation.”

Robert Coen

CEO of BCI Group, Inc.

“BCI Group, Inc. has been in business as a client advocate, advisor and broker of estate planning, buy and sell, key man and executive life insurance for over 20 years. We have experienced a variety of life, disability and LTC insurance distribution channels, processes, and systems. From general agency, traditional broker, to forging a unique relationship with the likes of The Merz Agency, we continuously search for value, knowledge and reliability of ongoing long term service. The Merz Agency stands for what we hope to accomplish with our clients from start to finish – initiation of opportunity, planning, brainstorming, underwriting, policy placement and execution of long term communication and service. In short, we appreciate the value, partnership and solution oriented relationship we share with The Merz Agency. We look forward to many years to come.”