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Valerie Byers

Valerie Byers

Senior Case Manager + Marketing Internal

Along with Jason, Valerie joined the Merz Agency in 2016 and brings a vast amount of experience in case management and new business processing for life insurance, long-term care and annuities. Based in Salt Lake City, Valerie is an avid horsewoman and enjoys spending her free time training horses and teaching riding lessons.  When not at the barn, you can find her exploring the hiking trails around Salt Lake City.

Meet Valerie.

What is your favorite part of your job?  
The feeling of successful organization and time management to keep cases moving through the underwriting process.

One thing you must have every morning?
A cup of black tea and at least 15 minutes of quiet time to wake up.

Favorite thing about Salt Lake?
Being surrounded by the mountains.

Mountains or Ocean?

Where you go to escape in Salt Lake.
Bear Lake, ID and Moab, UT. Or any tropical destination if I can talk Jason into it.

Get in contact with Valerie at [email protected] or 801.425.3977.