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Kevin Merz

Kevin Merz


A true people person, Kevin has led the Merz Agency in providing awesome customer service to our clients + advisors for the past 41 years. His experience and education have been invaluable in guiding the Merz Agency staff in staying true to our mission and creating creative planning solutions for our advisors. When he isn’t keeping Steve in line, a job easier said than done, you can usually find Kevin on the golf course, in his garden or where ever the sun is shining!

Meet Kevin.

What’s your favorite part of working at the Merz Agency?
People, engaging with staff, advisors and their clients.

Favorite thing about Portland?
It just feels like HOME.

If you had to choose, mountains or ocean?
Anywhere the sun is shining…

All time favorite song?
Moondance by Van Morrison

One thing you could never give up?
Beer. No wait, that’s frivolous. How about my best friend – wait for it – Suzi!

Favorite Oregon season?
Easy question…Summer!!

Get in touch with Kevin at [email protected].