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Cathy Kim

Cathy Kim

Case Manager + Administration

Joining the Merz Agency in 2013, Cathy has become an invaluable Merz Agency employee, and not just for her killer baked goods! Quick, efficient and friendly, Cathy prides herself on providing excellent customer service to our advisors as well as helping with many other administrative roles.  A Portland native, you can catch Cathy hanging out with her niece + nephew or taking walks with her Yorkie on the weekends – rain or shine!

Meet Cathy.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Helping people who can really benefit from the products we represent products. One of the main reasons I got into the field of Fixed Income Annuities is seeing many of my parents friends who lost so much of their retirement in 2008 because they were not protected from market loss. As a result, many either couldn’t retire or live out the retirement they worked for their entire lives.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Favorite part of my job is being able to give Steve a hard time 😊He always jokes that us ladies are here to keep him in line and it’s true! Aside from that, my favorite aspect is not necessarily task related. Working with everyone in the office would be my favorite part because we all work well together as a team.

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee, but I also like tea. Coffee every morning is a must.

Favorite thing about Portland?
The weather. Although most people comment about Portland being rainy, I think we get a good mix of seasons.

Favorite Oregon season?

Podcast or book?
I’m a big book reader. I haven’t caught up to the popularity of podcasts yet. My favorite book would be A Little Lifeby Hanya Yanagihara.

Get in touch with Cathy at [email protected] or 503.741.8452.